What is the difference between Encoding, Encryption, Hashing?

M.hosein abbasi
2 min readJan 2, 2022


What's the encoding?

The purpose of encoding is to convert the data into a system that is used. To see specific characters on a web page. The purpose of Encoding is not to hide data, it is to make it usable.

Encoding using layout turns into another reversible form. You do not need a key to decrypt or decrypt or restore the data to its original form, we just need the same algorithm to use.

SCII, Unicode, URL encoding, Base64.

What’s the encryption?

The purpose of Encryption is to be hidden from others. For example, sending a letter that can only be read by the sender and recipient. In encryption the goal was usability, but in Encryption, the goal is to be readable only by the recipient/provider.

We need the key and the encryption algorithm for the encryption operation.

AES, Blowfish, RSA

What’s the Hashing?

The purpose of the hash is to ensure that it is given integrity and accuracy, it is used to determine if something changes. In weaving practice, we need to produce a string with a fixed length and the following specifications:

  1. A fixed input always produces a fixed output.
  2. Different inputs should not produce the same output.
  3. We do not receive input from output data.
  4. Any change in the input causes a fundamental change in the output.
  5. The hash is used to validate or change it.

SHA-3, MD5



M.hosein abbasi