How to use event storming to achieve domain-driven design

Use the more lightweight Event Storming process instead of formal DDD to discover the main aggregates in your subdomain and identify edges of the various bounded contexts present in your system.

This last phase, the “competitive analysis,” is not part of Brandoli‐ ni’s original Event Storming process, and was proposed by Greg Young for prioritizing domains in DDD in general. We find it to be a useful and fun exercise when done with an adequate level of humor.

In successful cases of microservices adoption, teams do not start with hundreds of microservices. They start with a much smaller number, closely aligned with bounded contexts. As time goes by, teams split microservices when they run into coordination depen‐ dencies that they need to eliminate. This also means that teams are not expected to get service boundaries “right” out of the gate. Instead, boundaries evolve over time, with a general direction of increased granularity.



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