Decisions in building microservices software


What is the challenge? What is the problem that we are trying to solve? What are the constraints? A decision record should give us a summary of these contextual elements. That way we can understand the rationale for a decision and why it may need to be updated.


A decision isn’t a decision unless there is a choice to be made. A good decision record should help us to understand what the choices are. This helps us to better understand the context and the “selection space” at the time the decision was made.


At the heart of a decision is the choice. Every decision record needs to document the choice that was made.


Decisions have consequences and a decision record should document the important ones. What are the trade-offs? How will our decision choice impact the way we work or other decisions that need to be made?

Writing a Lightweight Architectural Decision Record

The first key decision we’ll record is the decision to keep a record of decisions. Put more simply, we’ll create an ADR that says we intend to keep track of our decisions. As we’ve mentioned, we’ll be using the LADR format. The nice thing about LADR is that it’s designed to be lightweight. It lets us keep track of decisions in simple text files that we can write quickly. Since we’re dealing with text files, we can even manage our decision records in the same way we manage source code.

## Context

## Decision

## Consequences



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