When it comes to building software, decisions are a big deal. Professional software engineers and architects get paid a lot for the decisions that they make and the prob‐ lems they solve. The quality of the software and the business outcomes they drive depend on the quality of those decisions.

Informational 1xx

The first set of HTTP codes starts with the number 1xx, which is used to transmit and transmit information such as sending and receiving files and indicates the temporary response mode of the server, assuming that the POST method is used in web forms. Yes, receiving code 100…

In this article, we are going to talk to you about what is Load Balancing and how does works Load Balancer?

To understand the concept of Load Balancing, we must first understand the meaning of its words. Load is the number of resources consumed by the host, server, or host…

AtomicInteger is used in multithreaded environments when you need to make sure that only one thread can update an int variable. The advantage is that no external synchronization is required since the operations which modify its value are executed in a thread-safe way.

Following is the list of important methods…

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