10 Workspace Guidelines for a Superior Developer Experience

1. Make Docker the only dependency.

2. Remote or local should not matter.

3. Ensure a heterogeneous-ready workspace.

The Rule of Twos

4. Running a single microservice and/or a subsystem of several ones should be equally easy

5. Run databases locally, if possible.

6. Implement containerization guidelines.

7. Establish rules for painless database migrations.

a. Flyway hosts this introduction to database migrations

b. See this blog post by Daniel Miranda et al. about database migrations for Cassandra

c. Check out this example of using Node’s DB-migrate-SQL for a MySQL database

8. Determine a pragmatic automated testing practice.

9. Branching and merging.

10. Common targets should be codified in a makefile.

  • start: Run the code.
  • stop: Stop the code.
  • build: Build the code (typically a container image).
  • clean: Clean all caches and run from scratch.
  • add-module
  • remove-module
  • dependencies: Ensure all modules declared in dependency management are installed.
  • test: Run all tests and produce a coverage report. • tests-unit: Run only unit tests.
  • tests-at: Run only acceptance tests.
  • lint: Run a linter to ensure conformance of coding style with defined standards.
  • migrate : Run database migrations.
  • add-migration: Create a new database migration.
  • logs: Show logs (from within the container).
  • exec: Execute a custom command inside the code’s container.

Java developer

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M.hosein abbasi

M.hosein abbasi

Java developer

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